Privacy Policy

Pinterest Downloader is committed to protecting users' personal information and ensuring that all activities on the website comply with the highest security standards. Our privacy policy symbolizes this commitment and below are its key points:

1. Collect information

When users log in to the PinterestDownloader website, personal information may be collected for account management and service provision. Below is an example of the information that may be collected during the login process:

Username and password: When users log in, they provide a username and password to authenticate their identity. This information is used to ensure that the user has access to his account and to make the login experience easier.

Email address: In some cases, the website may require users to provide an email address when registering. This email address may be used to contact the user about their account, notify about updates or changes in the service, or to recover the account if necessary.

Social login information: If the site supports login with social network accounts such as Facebook or Google, account information from these services may be collected to authenticate the user.

Other information: In addition to basic information such as username, password and email address, the website may also collect other information such as IP address, browser type (Chrome, Coc Coc...), language, time of accessing the website. This information may be used for analytical purposes and to improve user experience.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

2. Use information

Pinterest Downloader may use customer information consciously and for certain purposes to provide and improve its services. Here are some ways customer information may be used:

Providing Services: Personal information such as usernames, email addresses, and passwords are used to authenticate and manage users' accounts. This helps PinterestDownloader provide services accurately and securely.

Customize user experience: Information about users' preferences, usage habits, and feedback can be used to customize their experience on the website. For example, PinterestDownloader can recommend similar content based on what the user has previously downloaded or is interested in.

Communications and support: A user's email address and other contact information may be used to send notifications, updates, and technical support if necessary.

Analyze and improve services: Pinterest Downloader may use information collected from users to analyze usage trends, better understand user needs, and improve its products and services.

Advertising: In some cases, information about user interests and behavior may be used to create and display relevant advertising on the website.

Use information

Use information

3. Share information

Pinterest Downloader commits to sharing user information with third parties only in specific cases and for a specific purpose, and only with the user's consent or as necessary to provide services and comply with the terms and conditions. Legal requirements.

4. Information security

Pinterest Downloader takes many measures to keep users' personal information safe and reliable. With measures such as: Data encryption, Access management, Database protection, Security updates and checks, Education and training, Analysis and monitoring, especially with Policies and regulations private security program.

5. User rights

When using PinterestDownloader, users have a number of basic rights that the website is committed to protecting and respecting. Here are some main user benefits when using Pinterest Downloader:

  • Right to access your personal information.
  • Right to modify your personal information.
  • Right to delete personal information.
  • Right to decide on information sharing.
  • Permission to receive notifications and opt-in options.
  • Access and support.

User rights

User rights

6. Cookies and similar technologies

We may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about service usage and customize user experience.

7. Accept and refuse

Users may be asked to accept or decline the collection of their personal information when accessing the website.

Pinterest Downloader is committed to maintaining and continuously improving its privacy policy to ensure that every user's personal information is protected in the best possible way. We also encourage users to read this privacy policy carefully and to contact us with any questions or concerns.